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Friday, 29 April 2011

+234-1-840-6514 = Scam


We are delegated from the United Nations to Bank of American to pay 103
World 419 scam victims $500,000 each, you are advise to reconfirm your
information to the verification department and you will be given further
information about your funds. Contact details as bellow.

Name: Marria Cole.
Email address:
Phone number: +234-1-840-6514

On these faithful recommendations, we notice that you are yet to receive
your funds and we also understand that you have been in contact with some
internet scammers, criminals well known as 419 worlds wide we advise that
you quickly stop further communication and pass their information across
to us for proper investigation.

Please do disregard any email you receive from any person /Office with
free email account such as
and so many more you are only advise to follow the instruction of our agent
so as to enable you have smooth transfer/payment.

You are to fill the form attached to this email this we show that you are
unable to meet up with the requirement of the office also note that by
doing this you will not have access to your funds in future fill the form
and return. Please you can reconfirm this message with your Authority to
guarantee that is not the kind of scam emails you receive in your mail box.
Fill the required information as bellow.

WARNING!!! You may be disqualified if any false information is noted.

Full Name as appeared on your Bank Account:
Present address:
Direct Phone Number:

Yours faithfully,

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