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Friday, 29 April 2011 = Scam

We are independent loan lender, offering financial help to serious and
reliable Persons.
Is your credit so bad that, your bank won't help you out with a loan?
Have you being denied of obtaining a loan from or bank or a financial firm?
Are you looking to expand your business? Solve a financial problem?
Acquire a car/house? And are you tired of Seeking Loans and Mortgages? So on.
Worry no more, McDonald’s lenders are here to save you!!!!
At McDonald’s lenders, We are here to meet to your need. We issue loans at
very low interest rates of between 2%-3%. Our vast knowledge in loan
acquisition and refinancing spanning over 20 years is a confirmation of
our positive impact in the lives of our esteemed customers. We are
accredited by so many financial institutions.
We will be obliged to serve you.
Arrangements to Borrow up from $3000.00 to $100,000,000
Choose between 1 to 25 years repayment period.
Choose between monthly and annual repayment plan
Flexible loan terms and conditions.

A Loan shall be granted to you based on your request.
We respect your ideas and solve problems of low credit score and inability
to get loan from banks and
financial offices due to credit score and collateral.
The McDonald's Financial Services issues a non collateral loan to foreign
individuals and
cooperate bodies, as we have been insured by the United Nations Finance
Insurance Policy (UNFIP).
Based on the success of all our clients due to low interest rate and
a chance for them to state their borrowing duration that will suit when
they can pay back,
we have grown out to be one of the biggest financial company.

If you are interested in our loan offers please contact the C.E.O via


McDonald's Finance

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