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Friday, 29 April 2011 = Scam

Dear Sir,

My name is Mr. Michael Smith . I am a British national. I work as an
administrative secretary to Standby safekeeping Services Ltd UK. I
have been working with this company for the past seven (7) years. Within
this period, I have watched with meticulous interest, how African Heads
of Government and their accolades have been using Standard Securities to
move large sums of money to their foreign partners.

They bring in these consignments of money, cash and secretly declare the
contents as jewelries, family treasure, etc.
I am sending you this proposal for you to stand as the beneficiary of the
consignment number BFXX 12607, containing US$7.7m raw clean cash,
belonging to the family of former Togolese President, Gnassingbe

For the release of this consignment, you will be requested to provide
some documents and PIN code numbers. I will send to you all the
information required. Then you will fax it to the company's head office.
As soon as it is confirmed to be correct, they will Invite you for
collection, or send the consignment through our diplomatic courier
service to any address that you will provide to them.

I am contacting you because I cannot ever let anybody in the company
know that I have the right information and documents concerning these
consignments. As your benefit, I have seriously considered this and I am
willing to give you 40% upon successful conclusion of this deal. For
further explanation and to maintain confidentiality of the transaction;
you can Email back:
T hank you for your anticipated understanding in this regard.

Yours truly

Mr Michael Smith

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