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Tuesday, 26 April 2011 +44 702 408 1328 = Scam

Tameside MBC
Council Offices,
Room 2.33 Wellington Road
Ashton Under Lyne, OL6 6DL,
United Kingdom.

Dear Beneficiary:
Take notice that based on the Oxford Insurance Company, inauguration of this committee which extended to all countries in the world. which combined with the United Nation Anti-Crime Commission to alleviate and redeem the image and past wounds of our dear citizens and foreign firms who were duped, defrauded, scammed and abandoned by some impostors who indiscriminately use the name of God, Office of Governors, Presidency, Banks etc to slight down our dignities to international communities.

Many Banks have been in bankruptcy, Universal firms, Companies due to the activity of these hoodlums, spammers. However, investigations have shown that these people have dropped over 500,000, clients after collecting their money, many committed suicide and others living in the grace of God.

Meanwhile, we have a committee whose duties are to re-commend genuine contractors, loan bidders, next of kin (inheritance payment), and foreign firms who have completed all the UK Government normal payment requirements but abandoned due to take over some sacked officials who take Government papers to collect money and leave the beneficiary half way. In our inauguration, the Government advised us that we must scrutinize all companies, Banks and Security Company for payment; which we have found your full entitlement valid among other approvals.

We also have endorsed your payment to OXFORD BANK OF LONDON to release your cheque to you without prejudice, and will need a confirmation of all your communication until you finally receive your cheque so as to investigate more, so as to find out more facts on this issues, it will be well appreciated if you can provide us some vital information on how you have been scammed or the delay in paying out your outstanding fund to you.

The UK Government is using this opportunity to compensate the entire victim who have been scammed, also to those who have not been notified about there over due payment, cause by the inadequate agent involve. So you are advice to contact Mr. Felix Wivo to mail to you a certified cheque which can be withdraw in any Banks in the World, and the Amount is ?g700,000.00GBP (Seven Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds).

Contact Information for


Contact Person: FELIX WIVO

Phone Number: +44 702 408 1328


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