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Friday, 29 April 2011 = Scam


Attn: Beloved

I am Barrister Otero Perez Jose, an expert at co-operate and legal claims. I'm contacting you in regard to a deceased client of mine who was a victim of a car accident on the Madrid las-Matas Highway (M40) in March 2005, a prominent client of mine who happens to share the same LAST NAME with you
Before his death, my client EDWARD deposited ($10.7 Million USD) Ten Million Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars at the vault of a financial institution here in Europe, and documentations regarding these indicates that claims must be to his relative/family member. The deceased who died by accident unfortunately died without will. I have contacted the white and yellow page in-search of his relatives but have unfortunately not succeeded
It has been called to my attention that the New EUROPEAN UNION LAW of succession/inheritance claims indicates a duration in which such claims could be tolerated. I have recently been mandated by the Institution demanding me to present a relative of the deceased whom could be the next of kin/beneficiary of the said funds. Failure to respond to this ultimatum would legally allow the financial institute to report this fund to the European Central Bank (ECB) as unclaimed funds.

I and my colleagues have succeeded in reuniting almost all the necessary requirements concerning the release of this funds and it is my intention to present this opportunity to you as the beneficiary. Please note that I'm legally equipped with all the necessary information/documentations concerning this fund. Upon your decision to accept the proposal, I would process the release of this fund to your possession; you would be entitled to 50% of the said funds and 40% for me, while the remaining 10% will be reserved to cover all possible expenses that will be incurred along the process. For security reasons, I have decided not to add more information into this letter, but immediately you get in touch with me with your contact details, I would be able to inform you on how this could be concluded.

It has been my wish to have an investment outside the EU, so this is an opportunity for me to invest my share of these funds in your country. In conclusion, it is my concern to demand your ultimate honesty, co-operation and confidentiality to enable us conclude this transaction. I GUARANTEE that this process would be executed under a legitimate arrangement that would legally protect you from any breech of Law.

Please get in touch with me by my private secured and confidential E-mail ( above immediately you acknowledge the good receipt of this message, do not forget to send me your direct telephone and fax number, so that I can put a call through to you for an extensive discussion on this deal. Anticipating your prompt response.


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