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Tuesday, 26 April 2011 +229-984 09 681 = Scam

My Good Friend

My working partner has helped me to send the first payment of $5000.00
to you .here is the information; Here is the western union information to pick up the

MTCN : 633 145 2654
Sender's Name: Troy Cazares
Text Question: HONEST
Answer: TRUST
Amount: USD$5,000.00
Track it now;( I told him to keep sending you? $5000.00 daily until the payment of? $800.000.000 is completed. and again forward him your Telephone number and address? so that he will be sure.

Please, contact Mr.JOHN SAMUEL if you any problem below email ( ) or rich him on phone call.+229-984 09 681 Please contact him now so that he will send you another payment today please if you have any problem with the MTCN or the sender name try to rich him in call or email him so that he will correct it for you,
Thanks very much
Thanks For Your Contact

YOUR TRANSFER MTCN : 633 145 2654?

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