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Friday, 29 April 2011 = Scam


I will be very frank, very direct and very honest with you.I ask in dating Agency.
I have addressed with the request find the man for me. I am on
Internet because I seek a serious and durable relation which can bring me
to the marriage. I am not on Internet to make adventures or to make
expressed phantasms, but I am the Just to have a relation serious and
sincere with a man who can bring to me has to make a life married
full with happiness, joy and sucked. My name is Lyudmila, I was born on
Feb 28, 1979. I live in Russia. I miss only one man
who to put one can of fireworks in my life and which shines upon my
nights of loneliness and which heats my days of ice.

I am a very simple woman: I have qualities and defects like any other
person. For my qualities, I soft, tender, am well cultivated, I like
the cinema, music, literature, and a long walk under the rain and well
on the voyages. My defect I am nervous because of my responsibility,
I am a little dreamer (I walk sometimes on the clouds) the thing which
causes me many problems.

Finally if you find that have can walk some of the way a bit of a walk
together and have can make a happy couple. I promised to you only one
thing is to make of my better you spoiled and to have a life full with
happiness together

If that you go yourself can answer me on my email

In more I invite to you to spend all your holidays to Russia and
you will have welcome. Or I shall arrive to you for a meeting.



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