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Thursday, 5 May 2011 = Scam

Ref:: 2011 Investment Project In Your Country.

We're of the Glamour Investment and brokering an Investment
deal in your country on behalf of a client. This deal will
involve the eventual investment of US$195 Million. within
your country.

We are by this letter offering you a partnership, so as to
allow us have you as representative and manager of invested
funds in your country within the time frame of the
investment/partnership scheme.

Since we can not determine if this email is still
functional and also your willingness, we have kept this
proposal brief.

If you are Interested in this offer of partnership, please
respond and give us your full contact details plus company
profile if any, and in response we will send you an
elaborate proposal and details of this offer.

Your expedient response will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Mike Gallen
Glamour Investment Services

nb:pls always send a copy of your response to:

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am receiving continually mail from Rediffmail that I have won lottery, due to this I have given party to my friends and my parents are very happy, but after searching on internet I found the same mail mentioned in the Consumer Court website : please confirm that is this a true mail.

    Waiting for urgent response.