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Friday, 6 May 2011 = Scam


Under the United Nations scam victim’s rehabilitation scheme, you are to be paid The sum of $10 Million Dollars .You are hereby advised to stop every communication with any person’s, banks, offices from any where in the world, USA, AFRICA, EUROP OR ASSIA COUNTRIES concerning your funds payment, do not listing or reply to any one that will demand for any payment in any form you either by bringing your funds by cash payment through Diplomatic means or any other means, as from today, any email that you receive concerning your funds payment/release, forward it to this office, we have set up our security agencies to monitor you and your email communication with any one also to make sure that we trap the scammers down for their evil act.

You are hereby advice to send your full banking details where you want the $10 Million Dollars to transfer into, your full names, full contact address/office and a scan copy of your ID or international passport.

Mrs. Tammy Raymond

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