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Friday, 6 May 2011 = Scam

The Chair lady Head of Department Nigeria Orphanage Association in person of Dr.Mrs Chukuma Helen and the fellow member staff are av gently seeking for your support, I am 52 year of age,The dream supporting of the aorphanage has been my desire from the early stage of my life, The orphanage which started 16 year back.Has been in worse shape for 7 year now after all the effort of making or bringing it back to it normal condition proof abortive.

The urgent seeking of aid led us to you, The orphanage home is in a bad state and government are not helping issues rather all they gave was on promises,The worse things is that its difficult to feed them twice a day, This predicament and acute starvation had led to some been affected by quashiokor,And we lost 10 percent of the children to the cold hands of death,Sometime malaria affections attacks severely due to the poor ventilation,Also we have been moving from one place to another here in Nigeria so as to get some financial aids so that the,children will have a good life to live in urgently,Kindly assist us to help build back the state being of our orphanage home,ASAP.

God say pay Tex and adoration
Giver never lack say our hero
You trust is yours strength
You support is also you work
You kindness is you quality
If you are respected you are defend
God loves a shareful giver
He that giveth shall receive in double fold
The beginning of man is wisdom
The fear of God is wisdom
The rain fall and go (there is hope)

Thank for your perusal
Godbless you as you help

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